HEROZ,inc.(HEROZ) possesses a unique core technology of artificial intelligence (AI) that has defeated professional shogi (Japanese chess) players in public matches developed by our top engineers. HEROZ has accumulated such a machine learning technique through the development of smartphone apps such as “Shogi Wars”, “CHESS HEROZ” and “BackgammonAce”.
Meanwhile, as a supporting member of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, HEROZ keeps up with the trend of cutting edge AI, considering it as an important strategic field.
Currently, HEROZ focuses on planning, developing and operating intellectual games for smart phones, however, will apply and expand its cutting edge AI technology in various fields in the future.

History of Programming Intellectual Games (Mind Sports)

Intellectual games have been gaining attention for AI development from the old times.

  • Chess(since 1910s)


    Possible variations to move=about 10^120

    DeepBlue defeated a human player (1997)

  • Shogi(since 1970s)


    Possible variations to move=about 10^220

    AI developed by HEROZ’ engineer defeats an active professional Shogi player (2013)

  • Igo(since 1970s)


    Possible variations to move=about 10^320

    AlphaGo defeated a human player (2016, 2017)

History of AI Development for Shogi

An innovation of machine learning takes place in 2004.
In the next 10 years, AI reaches to an equivalent level as the top human professional shogi players.

【Computer Shogi Software A chart showing the improvement of AI】


Elements required for AI

Due to the characteristics of computers, “judgments and decision makings” in shogi have been a challenge for a long period of time.

【A Tree of Examining Possible Moves Ahead】


Innovation of Machine Learning in 2004

Development of AI for shogi enters into the world of automatic learning by machines and machine power (cloud, cluster connection).



An Image of Assessment Function Production by Machine Learning


By developing intellectual games, HEROZ accumulates AI related methods such as machine learning with the use of big data and deep learning that can be applied to and utilized in various fields in the future.